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International Scholarship Camps 

"Leadership, Service and World Peace"

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Camp Rising Sun (CRS) is a unique summer program - in the US and in Europe

- for boys and girls aged 14 to 15 who are eager to make their lives useful and to learn about others.

Each year about 60 boys and 60 girls from all over the world are selected for two programs in the US,

and another  60 girls for one program in Denmark, all on the basis of character, intelligence and potential for leadership.

(Whereas the US camp has about 2/3 domestic US campers, the European camp is completely international.)

In the course of the eight weeks they spend together,
campers encounter opportunities that stimulate their intelligence and imagination
as they learn to assume increasing responsibility for themselves and others.

Campers are encouraged to suggest and plan projects for individual or group undertaking. 
They also help direct the camp’s daily operations.

In sharing experiences and ideas, they come to a new understanding of the world and of themselves. 

New friendships become lifelong ones.

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